Christopher Magee (M35)

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Best time for 1m is 5:27 (5:27) Link to race
Best time for 5k is 17:58 (5:48) Link to race
Best time for 5m is 30:28 (6:06) Link to race
Best time for 10k is 37:31 (6:03) Link to race
Best time for 10m is 1:03:13 (6:19) Link to race
Best time for half is 1:21:28 (6:13) Link to race
Best time for full is 3:11:06 (7:18) Link to race

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September Runner of the Month - Chris Magee.
We recently posted the incredibly moving story behind his Coast to Coast run (if you haven't seen, please do take the time to look back for it) and the awesome fundraising that came from it, but even just looking at it as a running feat, this was a phenomenal achievement.

Some of us have recently smashed great marathon performances and done some mind boggling long runs - I still see anything over 13 miles as a really long way - but Chris and his team were completing 30+ miles a day, for 6 days in a row!

They literally ran from one side of the country, to the other! I think if anyone told me they had drove that, my reaction would be 'crikey, that's a fair trek, how long did that take?'... to do it on their feet, in less than a week. Just wow.

So another massive well done to Chris, hopefully you've been able to put your feet up for a bit since and recover!

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county silver - team event @ Berry Hill - Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire County XC Championships (Men)

2nd m35 @ Long Eaton Parkrun


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