Carrie Fleming (F45)

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Best time for 5k is 30:40 (9:54) Link to race
Best time for 5m is 48:47 (9:45) Link to race
Best time for 10k is 1:00:59 (9:50) Link to race
Best time for 10m is 1:54:56 (11:30) Link to race
Best time for half is 2:53:02 (13:13) Link to race

Was Runner Of The Month for

February Runner of the Month - Carrie Fleming.
February has seen the 21 minute relay take over Long Eaton, with some weird and wacky baton choices and even outfits now! We had Chanty as LERC-man & Kim as a Star Trek drummer; Lee running around with a keyboard, Jo a tin of paint and Chris Magee going for another outstanding achievement award, by running whilst flipping pancakes!
There's been some incredible efforts that have brought a smile to many people, as we endure another month without club nights, or any races! However, we've decided the effort that's added the most sprinkles to our ice cream, is Carrie's full blown Elvis effort! The photos say it all...


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