Matthew Hooton (M35)

Current member : Yes

Best time for 1m is 5:58 (5:58) Link to race
Best time for 5k is 18:44 (6:03) Link to race
Best time for 4m is 24:19 (6:05) Link to race
Best time for 5m is 31:33 (6:19) Link to race
Best time for 10k is 39:16 (6:20) Link to race
Best time for 10m is 1:11:55 (7:12) Link to race
Best time for half is 1:28:43 (6:46) Link to race
Best time for full is 3:14:15 (7:25) Link to race

Was Runner Of The Month for

Our runner of the month for February is Matt Hooton, who since joining the club has been a great positive runner throwing his all into league races and events. Matt made it his focus to target his 5k times and from late 19min to 20min for the 5k he achieved just that in Feb from 19:19 pb to a 19:15 pb in the same month, a week apart! Congrats to Matt and wish you all the best for your next target.

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1st m35 @ Boston Parkrun
county bronze @ Clowne Half Marathon


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