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Best time for 1m is 6:26 (6:26) Link to race
Best time for 5k is 22:25 (7:14) Link to race
Best time for 4m is 35:04 (8:46) Link to race
Best time for 5m is 37:13 (7:27) Link to race
Best time for 10k is 46:51 (7:33) Link to race
Best time for 10m is 1:21:53 (8:11) Link to race
Best time for half is 1:46:23 (8:07) Link to race
Best time for full is 3:57:22 (9:04) Link to race

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March Runner of the Month - Pete Forster
I am sure this one will come as a surprise to nobody at the club, that your runner of the month goes to the King of the streak - Pete Forster.
It all started back on March 23rd 2020, Boris came onto our screens to say we must “stay at home” and life as we knew it changed for us all.
Exercise was strictly limited to once a day, and so Pete, working from home like a lot of us, took his opportunity to stretch his legs on a run. He joked that he would run every day whilst lockdown was on and see how long he could continue the streak for.
1 month became 100 days, and even when things started to open again, and life started to become ‘the new normal’, we could run with 1 other outside of our household, the streak continued.
Club runs started back, the streak still continued. I remember being there the day Paul Milner sowed the seed, and mentioned he held the club record for 366 days consecutively running. That was it, the gauntlet laid, and the journey had to continue.
It wasn’t easy, club runs were on, then off, more lockdowns, more restrictions, and of course Mother Nature in the mix. You can’t skip a day even when it’s minus 8 and there is sheet ice on the ground or blowing 35mph winds, or hammering down with rain, so the streak continued.
200 were ticked off, endless niggles throughout, plus a couple of days of doing 3 miles in his garden thrown in the mix. Now 300, the end is in sight. A rally call to some fellow LERCers to help tick off some of the last 70 together.
Day 370 arrived, and Pete still he had the strength to do 9 laps of West Park to finish on a Half Marathon high, sub 2 hours too!
Over 1700 miles were run, a minimum of 3 miles per day, but many days much further, whilst still juggling WFH and bringing up a 2 year old boy too. Pete has also inspired others at the club to start their own streaks too, with now 6 people over 100 days too. The marker is set for them, target 371???
Massive well done Pete, a phenomenal achievement, and well deserved winner of ROTM March 2021!

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