Katie Cotton (F35)

Current member : Yes

Best time for 5k is 20:35 (6:38) Link to race
Best time for 4m is 27:32 (6:53) Link to race
Best time for 5m is 34:15 (6:51) Link to race
Best time for 10k is 43:29 (7:01) Link to race
Best time for half is 1:33:07 (7:06) Link to race

Performance History

History for 5k

History for 5m

History for 10k


1st f30 @ Chasewater Parkrun
2nd f30 @ Volksgarten Parkrun (Germany)
1st lady @ Babbs Mill Parkrun
2nd f30 @ Fleetwood Promenade Parkrun
1st lady @ Pontypridd Parkrun
2nd lady @ Pontypool Parkrun
2nd lady @ Alvaston Parkrun
1st f30 @ Newport Parkrun
1st lady @ Frickley Country Parkrun
2nd lady @ Zielona parkrun - Poland
1st lady @ Pont Y Bala Parkrun
3rd lady @ Nobles Parkrun
2nd f30 @ Alderford Lake Parkrun
2nd lady @ Churchfields Farm Parkrun
2nd lady @ Wycombe Rye Parkrun
2nd lady @ Beverley Westwood Parkrun
1st lady @ Fire Service College Parkrun
1st f30 @ Tewkesbury Parkrun
1st f30 @ Stormont Parkrun
1st lady @ Nidda Parkrun
2nd lady @ Albert Parkrun
2nd lady @ Pennington Flash Parkrun
3rd lady @ Tewkesbury Parkrun
3rd lady @ Bryn Bach Parkrun
3rd lady @ Felixstowe Parkrun
1st f30 @ Gorleston Parkrun
1st lady @ Amager Strandpark Parkrun
1st f30 @ Gloucester City Parkrun
1st lady @ Chadderton Hall Parkrun
2nd lady @ Centre Vale Parkrun
1st lady @ Bressay Parkrun
2nd f30 @ Hanley Parkrun
1st f30 @ Irchester Country Parkrun
2nd lady @ Rushmere Parkrun
1st lady @ Watermeadows Parkrun
1st lady @ Milano Nord Parkrun
1st lady @ Ross-on-Wye Parkrun
3rd lady @ Salcey Forest Parkrun
3rd lady @ Storthes Hall Parkrun
2nd lady @ Pomphrey Hill Parkrun

1st lady @ Phoenix Parkrun
3rd lady @ Eden Project Parkrun
3rd lady @ Heartwood Forest Parkrun
2nd lady @ Manor Field Parkrun, Whittlesey
1st lady @ Wilmslow Parkrun
2nd lady @ Sixfields Upton Parkrun
1st lady @ Poppintree Parkrun, Dublin
2nd lady @ Nant Y Pandy Parkrun
3rd lady @ Heaton Parkrun
2nd lady @ King’s Lynn Parkrun
3rd lady @ Chester Parkrun
3rd lady @ Wimpole Estate Parkrun
1st lady @ Sandwell Valley Parkrun
2nd lady @ Walsall Arboretum Parkrun
2nd lady @ Gunpowder Parkrun
2nd lady @ Henley Wood Parkrun, Oswestry
1st lady @ Bedworth Parkrun
3rd lady @ New Earswick Parkrun
1st lady @ Sutton Park Parkrun
1st lady @ Market Rasen Racecourse Parkrun
3rd lady @ Clifton Parkrun
2nd @ Middleton Woods Parkrun
3rd lady @ Severn Bridge Parkrun
2nd f30 @ Myrtle Parkrun
1st lady @ Linford Wood Parkrun
2nd lady @ Middleton Woods Parkrun
3rd lady @ Great Denham Parkrun
1st f30 @ Hyde Parkrun
1st lady @ Chippenham Parkrun
2nd lady @ Northwich Parkrun
2nd lady @ Cliffe Castle Parkrun
2nd lady @ Stevenage Parkrun

1st lady @ Rugby Parkrun
3rd lady @ Guernsey Parkrun
1st lady @ Queens Parkrun
1st lady @ Dalby Forest Parkrun
3rd lady @ Skipton Parkrun
2nd lady @ Worcester Parkrun
2nd lady @ Jersey Parkrun
1st lady @ Wetherby Parkrun
2nd lady @ Harrogate Parkrun
1st lady @ Rothwell Parkrun
3rd lady @ Shipley Country Parkrun
1st lady @ Ludlow Parkrun
1st lady @ Doncaster Parkrun
2nd lady @ Barry Island Parkrun
1st lady @ Telford Parkrun
1st lady @ Bramley Parkrun
1st lady @ Horton Park Parkrun
2nd female team @ Heritage - Final Table
3rd lady @ Cleethorpes Parkrun
1st lady @ Father Collins parkrun: Dublin
1st lady @ Dudley Parkrun
2nd lady @ Barnsley Parkrun
1st lady @ Catterick Parkrun
2nd lady @ Warrington Parkrun
3rd lady @ Normanby Hall Parkrun
2nd lady @ Lyme Park Parkrun
3rd lady @ Weston 5
2nd lady @ Valentines Parkrun
2nd lady @ Halifax Parkrun
3rd lady @ Peter Pan Parkrun
2nd lady @ Birkenhead Parkrun
2nd lady @ Woodhouse Moor Parkrun
1st lady @ Brighouse Parkrun
1st lady @ Goole Parkrun
1st lady @ Northallerton Parkrun
1st lady @ Crosby Parkrun
1st lady @ Sandwell Valley Parkrun
1st lady @ Cross Flatts Parkrun
1st lady @ Upton Court Parkrun
2nd female team @ Trent 5
3rd lady @ Keswick Parkrun
1st lady @ Humber Bridge Parkrun
2nd lady @ Selby Parkrun

3rd lady @ Long Eaton Parkrun
1st lady @ Erddig Parkrun
1st female team @ Trent 5
3rd lady @ Stilton Stumble (10k)
2nd lady @ York Parkrun
1st female team @ The Run
1st lady @ Concord Parkrun
1st lady @ Bedford Parkrun
1st lady @ Gainsborough Parkrun
1st lady @ Glossop Parkrun
3rd lady @ Buckingham Parkrun
2nd lady @ Peterborough Parkrun
1st lady @ Banbury Parkrun
3rd lady @ Fountains Abbey Parkrun
1st lady @ Woodbank Parkrun
1st lady @ Pontefract Parkrun
1st lady @ Wyre Forest Parkrun
1st lady @ Brierley Forest Parkrun
2nd lady @ Dewsbury Parkrun
2nd lady @ Kettering Parkrun
1st lady @ Cannock Chase Parkrun


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