Bill Sheppard (M65)

Current member : Yes

Best time for 1m is 6:35 (6:35) Link to race
Best time for 5k is 22:46 (7:21) Link to race
Best time for 4m is 29:12 (7:18) Link to race
Best time for 5m is 36:23 (7:17) Link to race
Best time for 10k is 46:47 (7:33) Link to race
Best time for 10m is 1:21:19 (8:08) Link to race
Best time for half is 1:43:35 (7:54) Link to race
Best time for full is 3:59:46 (9:09) Link to race

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History for 5m

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History for 10m

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3rd m65 @ Yarborough Leisure Centre Parkrun
1st m65 @ Cheadle Hulme Parkrun
2nd m65 @ Chevin Forest Parkrun
3rd m65 @ Lytham Hall Parkrun

2nd m65 @ Whitehaven Parkrun
1st m65 @ Dudley Parkrun
3rd m65 @ Clitheroe Castle Parkrun
1st m65 @ Talkin Tarn Country Park Parkrun
1st m65 @ Chadderton Hall Parkrun
3rd m65 @ Telford Parkrun
1st m65 @ Stratford-upon-Avon Parkrun
3rd m65 @ Trentham Gardens Parkrun
2nd m65 @ Ashington Community Woodland Parkrun
2nd m65 @ Alvaston Parkrun
1st m65 @ Denton Dene Parkrun
2nd m65 @ Phoenix Parkrun
1st m65 @ Belvoir Castle Parkrun
2nd m65 @ Humber Bridge Parkrun

2nd m65 @ Selby Parkrun
3rd m65 @ Upton Court Parkrun
3rd m65 @ Armley Parkrun
3rd m65 @ Dalby Forest Parkrun
2nd m65 @ Chevin Forest Parkrun
2nd m65 @ Perry Hall Parkrun
1st m65 @ Rothay Park Parkrun
1st m65 @ Bower Park Parkrun
2nd m65 @ Temple Newsam Parkrun
3rd m65 @ Sandwell Valley Parkrun
2nd m65 @ Somerdale Pavilion Parkrun
3rd m65 @ Edgbaston Reservoir Parkrun
1st m65 @ Bowling Park Parkrun
1st m65 @ Oaklands Parkrun
3rd m65 @ Dewsbury Parkrun
2nd m65 @ Dishley Parkrun, Loughborough
2nd m65 @ Kew Woods Parkrun
3rd m65 @ Normanby Hall Parkrun
3rd m65 @ Pavilion Gardens Parkrun
2nd m65 @ Cross Flatts Parkrun
2nd m65 @ Cliffe Castle Parkrun
2nd m65 @ North Yorkshire Water Park Parkrun
3rd m65 @ Ashbourne Recreation Ground Parkrun
3rd m65 @ Roundhay Parkrun
2nd m65 @ Centre Vale Parkrun
1st m65 @ Beacon Parkrun
2nd m65 @ Walsall Arboretum Parkrun

1st m65 @ New Earswick Parkrun
1st m65 @ Heslington Parkrun
2nd m65 @ East Park Parkrun
2nd m65 @ Wendover Woods Parkrun
2nd m65 @ Irchester Country Parkrun
2nd m65 @ Cannock Chase Parkrun
2nd m65 @ Millfield Parkrun
1st m65 @ Horton Park Parkrun
1st m65 @ Sutton Park Parkrun
1st m65 @ Brierley Forest Parkrun
1st m65 @ Wallaceneuk Parkrun
2nd m65 @ Millhouses Parkrun
1st m65 @ Northallerton Parkrun
1st m65 @ Sutton Manor Parkrun

2nd m65 @ Middleton Woods Parkrun
1st m65 @ Tawd Valley Parkrun
3rd m65 @ Lancaster Parkrun
2nd m65 @ Cusworth Hall Parkrun
2nd m65 @ Macclesfield Parkrun
2nd m65 @ Morecambe Prom Parkrun
3rd m65 @ Sandall Park Parkrun
2nd m65 @ Hanley Parkrun

1st m60 @ Frickley Country Parkrun
3rd m60 @ Leazes Parkrun
2nd m60 @ Fletcher Moss Parkrun
2nd m60 @ Victoria Dock Parkrun
3rd m60 @ Marshall Drive Parkrun, Brotton
3rd m60 @ Oldham Parkrun
3rd m60 @ Bedworth Parkrun
2nd m60 @ Jesmond Dene Parkrun
1st m60 @ Potternewton Parkrun
1st m60 @ Bowels of Fleetwith (3084 ft)
3rd m60 @ Babbs Mill Parkrun
3rd m60 @ Pendle Parkrun
1st m60 @ Snowden Field Parkrun
2nd m60 @ Conyngham Hall Parkrun
3rd m60 @ Brierley Forest Parkrun
2nd m60 @ Sheffield Castle Parkrun
3rd m60 @ Barnsley Parkrun
2nd m60 @ Gainsborough Parkrun
2nd m60 @ Pont Y Bala Parkrun

3rd m60 @ Skipton Parkrun
1st m60 @ Lyme Park Parkrun
3rd m60 @ Hackworth Parkrun
2nd m60 @ Catterick Parkrun
2nd m60 @ Brierley Forest Parkrun
3rd m60 @ Myrtle Parkrun
1st m60 @ Gibside Parkrun
2nd m60 @ Hartlepool Parkrun
3rd m60 @ Durham Parkrun
3rd m60 @ Tees Barrage Parkrun
3rd m60 @ Clifton Parkrun
3rd m60 @ Cotsford Fields Parkrun
1st m60 @ Blackhill Parkrun
3rd m60 @ Daventry Parkrun

1st m60 @ Sherwood Pines Parkrun
3rd m60 @ Markeaton Parkrun
1st m60 @ Gedling Parkrun
1st m60 @ Newbiggin-by-the-Sea Parkrun
3rd m60 @ Concord Parkrun
2nd m60 @ Windy Nook Parkrun
2nd m60 @ Mansfield Parkrun

3rd m60 @ Cornwall Park Parkrun (New Zealand)
2nd m60 @ Beeston Parkrun
1st m60 @ Beeston Parkrun
2nd m60 @ Masson Hill (1050ft)
2nd m60 @ Beeston Parkrun
3rd m60 @ Beeston Parkrun
2nd m60 @ Beeston Parkrun


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