Long Eaton Running Club

Long Eaton Running Club is a friendly running club with over 200 members.

We are a diverse group. We have notable success in helping to get people in the local area running through the Couch-to-5k programme, we are enthusiastic supporters of our local parkrun, and we are very successful in local competition.

Club nights are on Tuesday and Thursday each week; meeting at West Park Leisure Centre from 6.45pm, with the run commencing at 7.00pm. There are usually at least two options for distance and, if you are new to the club, you will be paired with a similar-paced runner to make sure you don’t get lost.

We offer FREE trial membership for 4 weeks. So; if you fancy a run with us, just drop us a message to let us know you will be coming along and then make yourself known when you arrive.

To get a feel for what the club is like ahead of your visit, please take a look around this website or our public-facing page.

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The next event in the calendar is : (5K SPEED SESSTION) WEEK 2 - 14 x (200 fast 200 slow)

Mario's speed session at West Park - Thursday, this week
Week 2
WU 1 mile
14 x Sprint for 200m jog 200m

CD 1 mile      

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Runner of the Month

Congratulations to Darlington Magalela
Runner of the Month - Darlington Magalela
With a ridiculous amount of PB's, outstanding times and achievements, this could have been an absolute nightmare to choose someone!
However, Darlington has really excelled this month and having been in close contention a number of times previously, it is impossible to ignore his stunning month, which caps off a brilliant year for him.
It would be easy to go through the list of PB's Darlington has set leading up to this, as it's essentially almost every race he's done! But focussing on August specifically, Darlington travelled to London for the Big Vitality Half Marathon, where he took 4 minutes off his PB, to record a 1:21:55.
Racking up the miles, he's then been up to Scotland and clocked his first Sub-17 clocking for a 5k, finishing third at Aberdeen's parkrun. This takes another 20s off his best time and a full minute and a half off what his best time was in April, just four months ago!
Having only set a 10k PB last month, it's hard to ask for more, but with Wilne 10k coming up and a few other races, we're sure this won't be the last PB we see from Darlington.
Well done Darlington, it's great to see the hard work and training paying off - Keep it up.
Other very noteworthy achievements for this month are Sarah Semmens and Faith Carlin's double parkrun PB's; Chanty's 5k PB & top 50 in UK ranking; Anthony Hatswell breaking the 15:30 barrier; and the other dozen plus of us that hit 5k and HM bests - a brilliant month all round

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August RotM - Darlington

Recent PBs

Tim Caldwell (16:43 for 5k), Aidan Griffin (23:51 for 5k), Robert Dooley (24:38 for 5k), Faith Carlin (24:48 for 5k), Joseph Wright-Mullaney (22:45 for 5k), Anna Mulligan-Freeman (24:15 for 5k), Lindsey Air (4:40:32 for 20m), Garry Hickton (59:27 for 10k), Stephen Horton (39:16 for 10k), Mark Fisher (1:05:24 for 10m), Glenn Riches (3:16:40 for a marathon)

Our Races

Long Eaton Running Club organises 'The Nomad Ultra' each year - click for more information;

The Nomad Ultra - 50 miles, 50km and relay [external site]
The Long Eaton 5 - Historical results
The Long Eaton 2 - The Fun Run - Historical results


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