Track racing - County Development League

Ever fancied giving track racing a go? Fancy trying a bit of track officiating?
The [Nottinghamshire] County Development League is for you!

Events are held on the following dates:
28 May - Mansfield (Berry Hill NG18 4JR)
25 June - Newark (YMCA Newark & Sherwood NG24 4FH)
3 September - Mansfield (Berry Hill NG18 4JR)

These events are friendly and informal, and races are seeded; so you are not likely to be left behind.
You've nothing to lose by giving it a go!

£20 covers all three events for the season, and you can take part in as many races or as few as you like.

The rough timetable of races is:
1500m - 11.00
Mixed 3k - 12.30
Mixed 5k - 14.00
800m - 15.00

For more information, go to:

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