NRRL Summer League Race 2 - Chilwell Barracks


Summer League Race 2 - Wednesday 10th May at 7:15pm

This is a new race to the calendar, running around Chilwell Army Barracks, Swiney Way, Chilwell. NG9 5HA. The distance will be 5.9 miles (approx) and 1 small lap, 2 large laps.

As LERC are the hosts for this event, we will need about 14 volunteers to act as marshals, as well as runners. The following applies to everyone attending, regardless of in what capacity they are attending.

In order to gain entry to the Army barracks you MUST comply with the following requirements-
You must have photo ID (Passport, photocard driving licence, OAP Bus Pass, work photo ID etc) to show to the guardhouse.

You must download or print out your EA Membership card to show to the guardhouse.

This questionnaire must be completed by 5pm on 4 May, so that the information can be compiled and sent to the barracks guard.

Checks will be conducted by the guardhouse and if you do not have Photo ID, EA Membership card or your car details are not on the entry list then you ain't getting in.

I would recommend allowing plenty of time for this event and you will need to arrange car sharing in advance as names of occupants in cars will be required.

Thank you for your co-operation everyone.

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