Winter club nights

Now that dark nights are upon us we turn our attention to the roads around Long Eaton. In order to keep the calendars a bit more structured, Tuesday evening sessions will consist of the following:

First Tuesday in the month - Hills (probably Sandiacre but wherever we can get them in safely)

Second Tuesday - 1k reps (the park now has 1km markers for parkrun; so we can use these)

Third Tuesday - 25-minute out and back or group paced runs

Last Tuesday in month - 5-mile time trial

Where there is an extra Tuesday before the time trial, we can always do the popular headtorch run.

Thursday evenings will consist of two routes, over two distances.

Each of the club nights will continue to have a 6.30 and 7.00 start time. This is to try and spread out the numbers during the current crazy times.

Please remember the social distancing rules and be aware of others while out running.

This report was brought to you by Peter Machin


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