AGM 2020

Fellow LERCer

As you will no doubt be aware, the Long Eaton Running Club AGM is held in October each year; usually at The Barge on Tamworth Road.

However; this is an exceptional year and we have no indication that mass groups from differing households will be allowed to meet indoors for some considerable time.

The club committee have considered this and, rather than asking members if the AGM for 2019/2020 should be cancelled, they have come to the decision that the meeting should be an open air event on West Park.

Obviously, there will need to be some consideration made regarding the weather, so the meeting will be held this year at 6.30 on Friday 2 October 2020. The meeting point will be the Sawley & Long Eaton CC pavilion and you are encouraged to bring along with you anything you need to make yourself comfortable - chairs, torches, garden lights, gazebo etc. At the time of writing, social distancing is still very much a thing, so face masks should be worn and members should remain at least one metre apart (two, if you have your face mask off to speak).

The reason it is being held on a Friday, rather than the traditional Tuesday, is not only to allow for an earlier start time but to give us the chance to meet socially after the conclusion to the meeting. Therefore; if you wish to bring food, baked goods and drinks, please do so.

Given that the meeting will potentially be a chilly one, we are trying to put measures in place to keep it succinct. So the agenda, all committee reports and the minutes from the last AGM will be posted in the documents section on the club website by 25 September. Please read these before the evening so that you can prepare any questions you might have or think about points you might wish to raise. The documents section can be found by going to All the documents relevant to this years AGM will be prefixed AGM2020; so please use this as your search term.

Club committee positions.
The committee is currently comprised of the following:
- Chair (Jane Hudson)
- Club Secretary (Peter Machin)
- Treasurer (Colin Bostock)
- Membership Secretary (Shaun Burton)
- Men’s Captain (Paul Lewis)
- Ladies Captain (Carrie Chan)
- Performance Director (Aston Perrin)
- Fell Captain (Elizabeth Lakin & Mario Rocchelli)
- Social Secretary (Marc Kinch)
- Communications (Aston Perrin)
- Kit (Jane Hudson)
- Charity Secretary (Jane Hudson & Marc Kinch)

All positions are up for re-election. If you wish to stand for any of the positions, please forward an email to, stating the position for which you wish to stand and the name of your seconder. We would strongly recommend you talk to the current incumbent about the role before submitting your name to the secretary.

Your email to the secretary must be received no later than 25 September. If more than one member wishes to stand for a position, then a show of hands will be held of members present at the AGM - a simple majority being required to be elected.

The above will be attached to an event on the closed LERC Facebook page.

Please let me know if you have any further queries regarding the AGM.

Kind regards

Peter Machin
Club secretary

This report was brought to you by Peter Machin


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