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Following recent guidance from England Athletics, I'm very happy to announce that we have been given the go-ahead to resume club nights.

Obviously there are a plethora of rules we must (and I can't emphasise "must" enough) adhere to in order to keep LERC compliant; the main points being:
- do not attend if you have any of the recognised symptoms of Covid-19; persistent cough, fever, loss of taste or smell.
- social distancing must continue to be observed
- a register must be taken of all participants

LERC will therefore recommence Tuesday club night from 11 August.
For the time being, there will be two start times, 6:30 and 7:00, to spread the numbers out a bit.

At each start time there will be the same two route/distance options.

As stated earlier; a nominated person will take a register of attendance, which will be passed to the LERC Covid-19 Coordinator Peter Machin.

Our meeting place for each time slot will be the recycling area in the car park.
Runners must not congregate in or around the leisure centre. Unless you are a member of the leisure centre, you should not use their facilities.

For the short-term, while we get back up to speed, Thursday nights will continue to be informal get togethers that can be arranged by members themselves.

Please read the Covid-19 risk assessment before arriving to the sessions. This is available in the documents section of the LERC website.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact

This report was brought to you by Peter Machin

Luke Woodiwiss wrote; Great news! Just to let you know the document section under 'About Us' isn't working.
Phil Abbott wrote; thanks for letting us know - this is now fixed

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