England Athletics subscription

As you will no doubt be aware; England Athletics proposed, with effect from 1 April 2020, to change their registration fee from £15 to £16.

The club have now been informed that this increase has been scrapped for 2020/2021, so the EA registration fee will remain £15.

As this notice was not received by clubs until yesterday (25 March), many members will have already submitted their memberships fees. Indeed; more than half of LERC members have already enroled for 2020/2021.

The only way the club has of refunding this overpayment to members is via cheque. So the committee have decided to move the overpayment to the club charity account and propose that a suitable charitable recipient should be nominated to receive the sum of the overpayments; which should be decided at the next Lights and Pies night. We will seek nominations for which charity to donate the money to closer to the time.

Obviously; those members who would still like a refund of their overpayment are completely entitled to request this. If this is the case, please email Colin (treasurer@longeatonrunningclub.com).

Those that are yet to pay their fees for 2020/2021 have the option of paying the extra £1, which of course will also go in to the charity account.

I hope this is clear but please feel free to message me at secretary@longeatonrunningclub.com for clarification.

Kind regards


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