BDL race 5 cancelled.

The twice cancelled race will NOT be re-arranged and the league will be a 4 race series for this season. The league will decide on Monday, how they work out individual standings.

What it does mean though, is LERC have WON the mens league title, to go alongside our Summer championship win. An impressive feat!

Our combined team also finished on the podium, in 3rd place. The ladies team finish in 5th.

The committee have decided that due to 2 of the XC races now being cancelled completely, that to keep the ratio similar and to ensure fairness, our Winter League series will now only require 7 races to qualify, rather than 8.

There are now 3 races left.
March 7th - Bestwood parkrun
March 8th - Weston 5
March 18th - Dave Denton 5k

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