Achievements are changing

As more and more of the site's backend gets updated to do stuff automagically the team of results-adders* now get help from a little 'bot' that submits some of the results for them.

This is great, but it does mean that achievements don't get added. Our little robot isn't that clever yet.

So if you think you are missing an achievement, go to the race in question while logged in and you'll see an option to tag yourself with your '1st F50' achievement.

It'll then get reviewed and, if you're not lying about being 1st Male at the London Marathon, get added to your records.

So now you have yet another reason to log on the site using your email address from the front page - personalised results, being able to vote in the polls, your event histories, managing your profile and preferences and probably some other stuff too that I've forgotten about.

*You really should buy these guys a beer at Christmas.

This report was brought to you by Phil Abbott

Tim Caldwell wrote; Hi Phil, my time for Alvaston parkrun on 28th Dec hasn’t been added yet, though Rich Howe’s’ has. Would you be able to add it in please? Tim Caldwell

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