Runners' Runner of the Year

That time of year has finally arrived. We're all full of expectation and excitement; there's a nip at our noses and various beverages are being mulled.

Yes; it's time to get voting for the LERC Runner's Runner of the Year award!

Votes can now be submitted on the LERC website. You can vote for any current club member and it is completely up to you why you are voting for them. It could be someone who inspires you and others around you; or someone who has shown strong determination in acheiving their goals or supported the club and other runners. The choice is completely up to you.

You can vote on the club website and will need to login by entering your email address.

Voting will end on 7 December 2019 and the winner will be announced at Lights and Pies night.

This report was brought to you by Phil Abbott

Louise McQuade wrote; Vote for Val Lindsey. The drop down box hasn’t appeared. So I’m doing it here.
Steve McQuade wrote; Hi. I can’t seem to find how to vote for Runner’s Runner, I keep going round in circles. Please can I therefore register my vote for LOUISE MCQUADE
Phil Abbott wrote; votes were included int he final tally

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