Changes to the LERC website

We've made a slight tweak to the website - when you visit you'll see a box on the front page to log in using your email address. Enter the address you gave us when you signed up and you'll automagically get sent an email with a link to log into the website. You'll stay logged in for 180 days and you can be logged in on multiple devices at once.

But why bother with *all* the hassle of typing my email address out and clicking a link twice a year?

Well for now, you get personalised data when you look at results - your history and PB on the race you're looking at are displayed for you to how good you used to be before you got old and fat - oh, just me there? Whoops. I digress.

But shortly you'll have access to to the information we have stored and be able to change it - emergency numbers/contacts, phone numbers etc.

As with all this changes, I remind you the web programmer is an idiot so when you find a bug (there will be bugs!), be kind when you report it!

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