the 2019 Runners' "Runner of the Year"

It's that time again - if you are a current paid up member and have joined the Forum you'll be able to vote for the runner you think deserves to be our Runner of the Year.

The poll is on the front page of the main website - no cheating - I'll know!

This report was brought to you by pabc

karbon72 wrote; So I logged in, went to the main page and saw the "runner of the year" section. Clicked on the button that said "vote" and it just said "thank you for your vote"! No chance to nominate anyone or vote for someone specific, so I think I have voted for someone I didn't intend to vote for. Ah well :/
pabc wrote; There is a drop down to the left of the vote button. Select the runner there before clicking vote. I'll restore your voting later today

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