Marathon Running with John Beattie

The talk/Q&A about full and half marathon training and race preparation from 2hr 16 mins marathon runner John Beattie is on Tuesday Apr 7th at Long Eaton Rugby Club. It will follow the normal training, which will start at the earlier time of 6.30pm. This is so we can begin John's talk as soon after 7.30pm as possible.

It will be finished by 9pm so the rugby players can continue with their usual post-training routine without being hampered by us.

If you are going to struggle to make the earlier start time, just join in when/if you can, but make sure that you are warmed up beforehand. Alternatively, just attend the seminar. It is free, and no need to book.

There will be members from other local running clubs attending both sessions so please make them welcome.

The training will be Rachel's structured schedule, posted as normal beforehand. Or local road/trail routes.

Rob Fox.

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