English National Cross Country Championships

The English National Cross Country Championships will be held at Wollaton Hall on Sat 22 Feb 14. This is a huge event and I would encourage all LERC team members (no matter of age or fitness level) to take part. This is our chance to show all the visiting teams how its done and how popular running is in our area.

There is a team event for men (6 per team) and women (4 per team) and I am collating a team entry form so its easy to enter, by either emailing me at mark_boardman711@hotmail.com or via the forum by sending a private message to 'MarkB'. All I require is your full name, date of birth and a payment of 6 before race day.

The last day for submitting your entry details is Friday 3 Jan 14.

There are more details on the forum page (viewtopic.php?f=5&t=7221) or on the ECCA website (http://www.englishcrosscountry.co.uk).

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