Turkey Trot report

Once again the Turkey Trot proved a popular race selling out online again.
A great turnout from the club with it being one of our winter league races.
Nearly 40 LERC'ers raced on the day with a handful of other entrants choosing not to race due to recent illness of colds and bugs.

As runners arrived at the start, there were great offers as always at the Nottingham Runner stand for pre-race shopping, massages available, race t-shirts for purchase and bag drop for warm clothes after.

The sun was shining and there was a cool breeze in the air as nearly 900 runners took to the start line.
Some runners dressed up, looking festive with hats in particular turkey hats seemed very popular.
Our very own Bill Sheppard dressed as a Turkey, using a balloon for the nose, red painted face, whistles from the xmas do for the tails and yellow rubber gloves for feet!

1st in for Long Eaton RC was Gavin Kennedy 1:20:04, closely followed by Mark Boot, his 1st half marathon debut 1:20:24 and 3rd Ian Chant 1:22 completing the 1st Men's team win.
Next in was Anthony Hatswell 1:24:03, Patrick Fitzgerald 1:24:10 and Rob Allen 1:26:54 with a 2 minute pb achieved.
Then Richard Howe 1:27:01, Richard Halloran 1:29:18 with a pb and Richard Wilkinson with Alan Mablethorpe both in at 1:31:26.
Mike Lockwood 1:36:33 with a pb over 4 minutes, Paul Burchell 1:36:45 also achieving a pb, Mark Hudson 1:38:16, Mark Harrison 1:41:51 with a course best and Oliver Cook 1:42:04 with a pb too.
John Oleshko 1:43:05 and both Matt Weightman with Chris Garratt 1:45 a second apart. Richard Syson 1:46:52, Bill Sheppard dressed as a festive turkey 1:51:13 and Colin Bostock 1:52:11.
Paul Milner 1:53:02, Kevin Holland 1:55:31, Damian Cowlishaw who was pacing the 2 hour LERC train 1:59:10 and Pete Sturgess in a time of 2:08:47.

Lindsay Smith was 1st lady in for Long Eaton RC and with her 1st half marathon debut for the club, 1:42:26 achieving a pb of around 10 minutes.
Vreni Verhoeven 2nd lady 1:43:28 and 3rd Susan Ward 1:43:47 with another half marathon debut as LERC and pb also.
Catherine Rowe 1:46:18 achieving 3rd F55, Rachel Argent 1:50:32 closely followed by Emma Butt 1:50:52.
The LERC sub 2 hour train arrived all aboard with Vicky Parker 1:58:36, Charlie Hunt with her longest run and 1st half marathon debut 1:58:37 and Jane Hudson 1:58:38 with a pb of over 2 minutes.
Aanna Mulligan-Freeman 2:01:04 with another pb by 2 minutes and Sarah Kuehne 2:05:58 with another LERC half marathon debut and pb of 8 minutes.
Laura Froggatt and Maria White both ran together 2:09 securing a photo with Santa at the finish line. Dawn Scott 2:22:34 and Melissa Shaw 2:23:31 completing the LERC massive turnout.

Before the presentations, refreshments, teas coffee and soup were available. The men's team trophies to be awarded as were lost in transit somewhere but the men were presented with chocolate brussels sprout treats.

The Barry's were ringing the cowbells, Shaun Burton, Paul Lewis and Rob Fox out on the course and Nicola Bennett, Sarah Priestley cheering us on to the finish.

Well done to everyone for running and thanks to the supporters on the day.

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