Summer League winners & presentations

Another Summer League over. Below is the list of winners.

Men's Senior - 1st - Mark Boot, 2nd - Gavin Kennedy, 3rd - Rich Howe.

Men's Vet 40 - 1st - Ian Chant, 2nd - Paddy Fitzgerald, 3rd - Dave Boot.

Men's Vet 50 - 1st - Rob Fox, 2nd - Wilkinson, 3rd - Dave Riley.

Men's Vet 60 - 1st - Pete Fowles.

Pheidippedes Award - Damian Cowlishaw.

Women's Senior - 1st - Rachel Argent, 2nd - Vicky Parker, 3rd - Emma Butt.

Women's Vet 35 - 1st - Melanie Coxen, No 2nd or 3rd.

Women's Vet 45 - 1st - Jackie Mather, 2nd - Sue Ward, 3rd - Cath Benson.

Pheidippedes Award - Kate Raynor.

These will be presented at the club Xmas dinner night on Friday 6th December, at The Novotel.

Well done to all those who competed during the summer. All categories were competitive except, unfortunately, the LV35's, where Melanie had it all to herself. All of the Men's age groups, and the Women's Seniors were hard fought, with 4th and 5th places not far behind.

Please try to go to the Xmas dinner night to see the awards being presented, and/or to be presented with your own. There will also be the usual annual club awards.

See Ash Patel for tickets.

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