LERC Open Track Afternoon August 2013

On Saturday 17th August 2013, Long Eaton Running club held their first open track afternoon 2pm to 4pm, free for members and their families to come and enjoy.
With timed race events for the adults and the mini LERC’ers with refreshments, cakes and nibbles, all we needed was a lovely summers afternoon.

As everyone arrived for race event registration and warm up, the heavens opened and the few hardcore runners were out warming up for the 1st race event, the mile!
19 runners took part in the events, some doing all and 9 mini LERC’ers from age 6-16 took part with their families and other members cheering on the side lines!

10 runners signed up for the mile, luckily the rain had blown over for the start but meant for windy conditions for runners on the track.
Max Travers, our junior member debut, 1st with a time of 5:06 followed by Gavin Kennedy with a personal best of 5:08. Rob Fox was 3rd with 5:19, 1st V50 and Ed Murden 4th, 1st V40 in 5:29. Like father like son, a special mention to Seb Murden age 13, completed the mile in 7:48.

A race programme of events followed, mixing Mini LERC and adult, with single races and relays whilst supporters on the sidelines were cheering and setting friendly wagering for finishing places.

For the mini LERC’ers, they ran 400m, 1 whole lap of the track with Ben Maddison 1st in 1:31, closely followed by Zak Fryer 2nd in 1:33 and Nat Murden 3rd 1st Girl in 1:35. Elizabeth Mulligan-Freeman in 2:13 with Ash Patel and Addison Barry, who fell over picked himself up to carry and finish with determination in 3.12.
Taking on running distances of Usain Bolt, for the 200m and 100m, Nat Murden was 1st with 0.36 sec for the 200m and 0.17 sec for the 100m. Followed by Zak Fryer with 0.38 sec for 200m and 0.18sec for 100m.
Mini LERC’ers also then teamed up for 4 x 100m relays, all running exceptionally well with 3 teams and 1 of them recruited as Rian’s dream team with Adam White, Damian Cowlishaw and Scott Mulligan-Freeman, slight advantage coming in 2nd. But Elizabeth Mulligan-Freeman not to be outdone here, came 1st in her team with Myles Dorn, Nat and Seb Murden. Well done to all for running and taking part enjoying sweets afterwards.

The adults took on 800m, 400m and 100m. Followed by 4 x 400m relays and 4 x 100m relays. Max Travers taking part in almost all events, great running with 1st for 800m in 2:25 and 1st for 100m in 0:12. Good times from all and then the fun part of the relays came. With 3 mixed teams out of a cup! and a vets team, the 4 went head to head in the relays. For the 400m winning team in a time of 4:41, well done to Scott Mulligan-Freeman, Thomas King, Max Travers and Gavin Kennedy.
Then wanting a go at the 4 x 100m relay, well done to (almost the same team) Max Travers, Rob Allen, Thomas King and Scott Mulligan-Freeman taking 1st out of 3 teams with a time of 0:59.

A special thanks to everyone who helped on the day and involved in getting this event to happen, on the day thanks to Ellis Cowlishaw (Race organiser) and Cath Kindred both for their official timekeeper & adjudicator roles.

We ended the day with some group photos doing the mobot and finishing off the food, especially the delicious chocolate cake made by Sam Fryer. A special toast was made to Damian Cowlishaw with some champagne (adults only!) for his 500th race which took place in the morning at the Parkrun.

Thanks again all, hopefully another annual Long Eaton running club event to continue

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