Time for change - New LERC age categories imminent.

Having just re-read "A Brief History of Time" again, I've realised one thing, that time only goes one way! There may or may not be a couple of other rogue dimensions out there, or some curved space, but apart from that, I've convinced Chairman Ash and the Club Captains that now is the moment to introduce a new age category each for men and women, to accomodate our aging legions of "masters" athletes.

To that end, beginning with the summer league this year, we will have M60+ & F55+ age categories. The web-site data-base has been adjusted and is ready, thanks in no small part to some swift technical wizardry from Phil Abbott, so hopefully one or two might be tempted out of semi-retirement to ensure a competitive summer of races.

This change is in line with parent organisations such as Notts AAA county champs and the summer road race league, and the British Masters Athetic Federation.

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