Clowne Half Marathon

Sandwiched in between the Worksop half and the Turkey Trot half, it was not surprising that only two LERCers attended the Clowne Half Marathon. Both Damian Cowlishaw and Duncan Gedge entered the race last year, but it was unfortunately cancelled due to snow! (Yes, snow. Can you believe it at this time of year?)

Both Duncan and Damian decided to use this race as long run training. Duncan, having run 11 miles the day before, is in training for a 24 mile Reindeer run next Saturday and was plodding the race today. He did, however, still put in a strong performance of 1h 49m 26s. Damian, getting back into his long runs, wanted to come in at 1h 50m and thereby knocking 10 minutes of his Worksop half time from 3 weeks ago, but, after seeing the windy weather and the hilly route, he was not sure this was achievable. Deciding to use the downhills to his best advantage, he hit the 10 mile mark in 1h 21m and the last 3 miles were up a steady climb and partly with the wind in the face. Like Duncan, though, he finished strongly to come home in 1h 47m 44s. Target achieved!

Both runners agread that it was a tough run, mainly due to the windy weather, but would do it again.

(By Damian Cowlishaw)

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