The Cake Challenge 2012

Forget the London Olympics, because...

Coming Soon... The Cake Challenge 2012

For next year, a group of like minded runners have introduced a series of 4 runs called “The Cake Challenge 2012”.

The series involves 4 challenges and will be great for getting out on longer runs as part of a team event. They promise to be fun and enjoyable – Not to be missed!

There are 4 challenges over the course of 2012: -

25th February 2012: Belvoir Challenge (16 miles)

7th May 2012: Woodhouse Mayday Challenge (13.5 miles)

1st July 2012: Peakers Stroll (13 miles)

Tbc Nov 2012: Seagrave Wolds Challenge (15.7 miles)

Please see the new forum topic for more information. We hope to see you taking up the challenge!

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