Plums up

It was a busy day on the fells for Long Eaton runners with 3 plums and 3 no-plums making their way to the deepest, darkest recesses of of the Peak District for the inaugural Coombes Tor fell race. Described as 6.8 miles / 1500ft race it traversed along Coombes edge offering spectacular panoramic views of the distant vistas and even a rainbow below in the valley. I doubt the organisers can guarantee a rainbow every year but the vistas should still be there next time.

Phil Abbott, Paul Burchell and Phil Walters were honoured by the presence of the Cath Rowe, Cath Benson and Vicky Walker for the race and the no-plums performed admirably with both Caths finishing ahead of the fell hardened Phil Walters for the first time - the efforts they have been putting in recently are clearly paying off. The beer Phil has been putting in clearly hasn't!

The boys then travelled on alone the 5 miles for a second helpings - The Padfield Plum Fair fell race - 5.5 miles and 1000ft of climb. Unlike in the earlier race which handed out it's goodness in 2 big stone-filled dollops the Plum Fair was served up as a continuous helping. The long slow climb from Padfield to Glossop Low summit never steepened enough to warrant a walk rest making it a surprisingly tough outing.

The second race was a small landmark for Phil Abbott as it was his 400th race for Long Eaton.

Celebrations came in the form of a hog roast, scones with cream & jam and the mandatory beer whilst watching some of the 'events' at the fair ground. It's a village event that needs to be experienced to be believed

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