Booth and NRRL race 4

Booth and Notts Road League race 4

Once again the Booth and the Notts Road league races fell on Tuesday and Wednesday of the Same week with Booth at Carsington and Notts RRL at Worksop, 20 Lercers were at Carsington and 18 at Worksop the day after. 8 did both races. With the weather kind at Carsington for a change but the course still very up and down there were lots of Debuts and 4 course bests Andy Peat was 1st back for LERCs men with Monica Marriot 1st Finisher for the Ladies, the 1st 7 men and 3 ladies for each club count and as the mens 1st 7 finishing positions were condensed between 13th and 54th it meant Third Place on the night to maintain 3rd Place overall in the 5 race series just 1 point behind Belper, The Ladies were in 8th place with Monica,Rachel Woollard and Vicky Beaumont counting for the ladies team. Overall the ladies are in 8th with the combined team in 4th.
Sarah and Rod Harris once again stole the show for Long Eaton as both were first finishers for Long Eaton with Sarah winning the Ladies Race with only 14 men ahead of her overall. The Ladies team this time made up of Sarah, Rachel Woollard and Monica Marriot finished in 6th Place on the night and now Lie in a fantastic 3rd place overall and with 1 race to go could land the county Bronze medal for the 1st time! The senior men team made up of 6 people finished in 6th place on the night and are in a high 5th place in the standings, the Vet Men (a team of 4) were 3rd on the night and are 3rd overall only 35 points behind 2nd place which could be made up on the last race at Terversal on the 10th of Aug.

Results Men Worksop
Rod Harris 25:51 5
Rob Fox 27:57 18
Blane Crawford 28:17 22
Tim Doyle 29:02 31
Girvan Wright 29:20 38
David Tilling 31:24 71
Richard Wilkinson 31:42 78
Alan Maplethorpe 32:23 90
John Hay 33:03 98
Martin Tilling 34:00 111
Shaun Burton 35:42 133
Peter Fowles 37:27 155
Damien Cowlishaw 38:30 169

Women Worksop
Sarah Harris 27:36 1st 15th overall
Monica Marriott 33:27 17
Rachel Woollard 38:02 58
Maria White 40:53 81
Carrie Fretwell 42:48 94

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