Crich Monument Run

4 was the number that was dominating the race for Long Eaton as 4 was the number of LERCERs attending, Damien Cowlishaw was number 40, Duncan Gedge was 141, Shaun Burton was 104, and also Will Chang did not have a number 4 in his number it did add up to 4 with 121 being his starting number, 4 was also the number needed for a team, 3 out of 4 are in there 40ís and the first 4 miles were quite flat. Thatís where the 4ís end and the running begins, the weather at the start of the day was nasty with rain bouncing off the ground and with both Shaun and Damien doing a Park Run in the rain both thought they were in for another wet race but it cleared up for the start and the start of the fair that the race was part of. Damienís Daughter Ellis had a fab time spending all her dads money but winning hordes of teddies ,wine and sweets.
1:30 was the start time and everyone went off and with the 1st 4 miles flat if not down hill encourages the runners to go off at a pace that might be a bit too much for the last 3 miles, Will Chang and Duncan Gedge went off at a fierce Pace and it was only when the runners got on to the canal that Shaun burton started to catch Duncan and at 4 miles was gaining hand and foot, but then came the hills with Shaun not liking hill and Will and Duncan loving them they pulled away, running the next 2 very steep miles much better running up to Crich Monument, the hillest part of the course was in hot sunshine and the swarm of huge files attacking the runners did not help either, but once at the top along with the view there was a nice down hill section to bring you in to the finish. Will Chang was 1st back for Long Eaton in just under the hour, Duncan was 1:01 on the course, shaun 1:03:54 and going back to 4, Damien was 4th back for Long Eaton in a time of 1:04!!!!!

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