Long Eaton in London

After Months of Training in the Cold of the winter, the London Marathon day turned out to be the Hottest day of the year. Six members of Long Eaton took part in the Biggest Marathon in the UK with the heat having its say along with the 26.2 miles. Andy McNeil was 1st Back for the Club in 175th place , 10th in his age Category and a fine time of 2:41:18,Paddy Fitzgerald set a new PB of below 3hrs with 2:56:06 which was fantastic given the heat. Ian Chant had a race of "2 halves" in for his time of 3:12 as he was going to drop out at 14 miles but the London Crowd and a good talk to himself got him back on track and finished strongly. The Marathon distance is not one to tackle with out many miles of training and strong mind, Debuts for the Marathon for Rachael Woollard and Nancy Cooke used both, to get round the course in 4:36:19 and 4:56:33 respectivly. Eddie Mathieson took 35 secs below 3:30 to finish the race and a finishing position of 3893

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