Race Summary for 24/25 April 2010

As temperatures across the UK rose over the weekend, Long Eaton Running Club athletes tested themselves in contrasting races.

In the London Marathon the focus of many runners after the long winter months of preparation, having left the year’s early harsh weather, dangers of swine flu and coughs and colds, and the threat real or imaginary of injury behind, 19 LERC runners took part in the 30th anniversary race.

Leading the club home in his second sub-2:40 marathon in a stunning 2h 35m 06s and 98th place was Paul Lewis; Paddy Fitzgerald having trained and planned over the last two years achieved his dream of a sub-3 hour marathon with 2h 57m 56m and a top 1000 position with 922nd; Ian Chant, having lost weeks of training with a severe chest infection ran another sub-3 race with 2h 59m 28s.

Pb’s were recorded for: Eddie Mathieson 3h 6m 55s; Phil Abbott 3h 11m 40s; Ash Patel, a veteran of many marathons, 3h 18m 01s and 44th in his age group; Martin Way 3h 27m 10s; Cath Rowe 3h 53m 17s; Shaun Burton 3h 54m 24s; Duncan Gedge 3h 57m 24s; and Bill Sheppard 3h 59m 46s. Neil Renault, a former club member now based in Scotland ran, a pb of 2h 18m 29s for 14th place and 5th British athlete home and a possible Commonwealth Games place later in the year.

Well done to all runners. Full London Marathon results:

Name Time Cat. Pos. WAVA Pace Notes
Paul Lewis 2:35:06 SM 98 81.77 5:55
P Fitzgerald 2:57:56 M40 922 75.71 6:47 PB
Ian Chant 2:59:28 SM 1072 71.35 6:51
E Mathieson 3:06:55 SM 1572 67.85 7:08 PB
Phil Abbott 3:11:40 SM 2036 66.17 7:19 PB
Paul Clarke 3:13:33 SM 2235 65.53 7:23
Ashok Patel 3:18:01 M50 2740 73.09 7:33 PB
Andy Colegate 3:18:45 SM 2817 63.81 7:35
Martin Way 3:27:10 M40 3875 64.54 7:54 PB
Martin Tilling 3:39:03 M40 5922 62.92 8:22
Phil Thompson 3:51:51 SM 8593 55.23 8:51
Shaun Burton 3:54:24 M40 9265 56.62 8:57 PB
Duncan Gedge 3:57:24 M40 10165 56.74 9:04 PB
Bill Sheppard 3:59:46 M50 10904 60.36 9:09 PB
Mark Goodson 4:02:38 SM 11599 52.27 9:16
Colin Bostock 4:03:07 M50 11725 58.55 9:17

Name Time Cat. Pos. WAVA Pace Notes
Catherine Rowe 3:53:17 F45 8958 67.75 8:54 PB
Nicola Bennett 4:06:26 SF 15510 56.34 9:24 Debut

At the Sheffield half-marathon, the dedicated training of Jackie Mathers paid off as she cracked 1:40 to finish 568th in a new pb of 1h 38m 57s, and Chris Wood was 1320th with 1h 47m 43s.

Meanwhile on the fells, Ed Murden took on a peakland classic at the Kinder Downfall whilst Dicky Wilkinson in Cumbria ran the inaugural Teenager with Altitude. At 9.6 miles and 1970 feet and a field of 274 runners with dry underfoot conditions and on a hot day, Ed achieved a new course best with an excellent 18th place with 1h 17m 34s. Up in the Lakes, Dicky’s race with 10 climbs of 7600 feet over 15.4 miles was in hot and humid conditions with spectacular mountain panoramas as he came home in 30th position with 3h 46m 59s.


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