East Midlands Cross Country Race 3

Held at Holmepierrpont on a cold but sunny day the course was Changed this year and was slightly easier than in Previous years the ladies did one lap of about 2.9 miles and the Men did 2 (I dont know why that it but it is, some times after 1 lap i would like to finish.... oops sorry im rambling) any way the ladies team Made up of Monica Fee(5th in 21:24), Cath Rowe(19th in 23:38) and Carol P(24:56 and 25th) with the ever improving Clare Grace making sure if any of the other 3 had had to pull out we would still have a good team score (34th and 26:42),were 4th on the day which means after the 3 races the ladies now lie in 3rd place overall.

The Men had 16 runners on the day which made up 2 senior and 2 vets teams, with Rob fox, Rich Wilko and Phil abbott the 1st three LERCERs back home in 5th,12th and 20th place Steve Grace had a good Stong debut run to finished in 80th Place and although was initially missed of the results on the web site will now be included (Sorry Steve).

Results :

Senior mens team A were 3rd
Senior mens team B were also 3rd.
Vets team A were 3rd
vets team B were 1st!

After 3 races:

Mens Senior A team lie 4th
Mens Senior B are 3rd

Vets mens A are 3rd
Vets mens B are 1st

All could still change as the teams are very close to the top positions.


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