East Midland Cross Country (Trent Meadows)

250 is the number of races Dicky Wilkinson has completed for Long Eaton. His 250th race was a local race in his home town, at Trent Meadows in the East Midlands Cross Country League race 1.

Dicky has completed 107 races this year and has travelled the length and breadth of the country to reach this milestone. He has competed in a significant number of fell races, notching up lots of high finishing positions in his age category.

The 5.4 mile race was a wet one. As the race began the rain started to fall, making conditions under foot even more treacherous, given the amount of rain that had fallen the previous day. Those runners who had turned up in road shoes found the course a little slippery to say the least!

An impressive 172 runners turned out, with the addition of two new teams, Notts University and Notts Police.

The men's result was a little predictable. 1st place went to the Notts University team with Long Eaton finishing an impressive 4th place, only 6 points behind the 3rd term, despite Paul Lewis finishing a very impressive 2nd and Rob Fox finishing an impressive 10th place.

The ladies team, who completed a 3.6 mile course are currently in 2nd place after the 1st race of the series. Sarah Harris finished 1st, with Monica Fee finishing 8th and Catherine Rowe finishing 21st.

Well done to all those who took part, especially the debutants and those wearing road shoes.


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