Passing Clouds Fell Race

5, or 6 if you count the spider that refused to leave the comfort of Sean's shoe, competed in the Passing Clouds fell race on a damp and drizzly Sunday morning.

Passing Clouds has been a staple fixture in the fell league since it's conception. This year the course had to change slightly. The same loop around Blackbank and over the top of The Roaches was still traversed but the route out and back to the loop had to be changed the race now starts and finishes from the duck infested Tittesworth water.

The race is a 'BM' class fell race covering 9 miles and 1800ft of ascent and descent and coupled with the foreboding dark clouds on the horizon waterproof full body cover was required. We were, however, assured it was dry under foot by the organisers.

This statement was worthy of a chorus of 'liar, liar pants on fire' as the runners soon found out a mile into the race when the first of other runner's shoes got left behind in the quagmire around the river Chunert.

1st back for the club was Phil Abbott who narrowly missed out on a course best but was 8 mins quicker than the previous years event where he had had 'a nightmare' ghosts laid to rest.

Next back was Phil Walters who held off a strong challenge from ever-present Colin Bostock up and over the final hill 'Hen Cloud'. Colin was closing the gap between them on the ascent but Phil's greater experience and descending meant he pulled away and held his lead over the run-in finishing a couple of places and just over a minute ahead of his team mate.

Next back was Caroline Waterhouse who rather too trustingly believed the organiser's claim of it being dry and opted for trail shoes rather than fell shoes. Having less grip than the boys didn't seem to affect her too much as she stormed home through the rainfall. Caroline's victory means only one more win in the fell league secures her the title.

Sean Gauton and his pet spider Incey were the last runners/crawlers back for LERC. Sean managed to break the 2 hour mark for the event and was said to be very happy at completing the race. Incey didn't say much. We suspect he didn't cope well with the conditions.

Incey Wincey wrote; Nice report!
pabc wrote; Glad to hear you survived the ordeal Incey
amorri wrote; what no picture of Incey?

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