Stathern 10k

Althought the results did not match the Watch times and Cath Rowe was missed off completly the 10k at Stathern(leics) turned out to be a good one for at least 2 members of the Long Eaton Running Club, with the 2 Shauns(seans) of Burton and Matthews having good Races along with Cath Rowe (who got a PB) but was just 1 second behind Shaun Burton, the time keepers did not see her although mr burton has lost weight recently. Sean Matthews was really pleased as having being injured since b4 the London Marathon set a time of 38:52 and 15th place, T'other Shaun was 48th and Cath was 49th in 44:50 Bill Sheppard was 77th in a time of 49:03 and Seans dad(67 years of age) was just over the hour with 63 mins for the flat 6.2 miles


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