Sinfin 10k

What a difference a week Makes to the weather with the previous weekend baking in hot sunshine and 28 degrees, the 7th june was the opposite with rain "hosing down" and a tempresture of about 8. Elvaston Castle and Grounds was the venue for the 10K with its multi terrain course a bit slippy in places especially the cobbled section near the castle due to the rain. Despite the horrible weather and the fact that we had to park a quarter of a mile away as the grass would have cut up, 313 hardy souls and numerous drenched marshalls turned up to make sure the event went on. 5 of the 313 were from Long Eaton Running Club, Damien Cowlishaw, Captain Shaun Burton,Rob Fox, Ian Chant and Paddy Fitzgerald, looked like drowned rats at the end but they all had a good race with all 5 in the top 90. Ian Chant got his own back on Rob Fox as Ian finished 14th and Rob was 19th 30 secs apart, Rob Had beaten Ian at the notts 10 mile race on Friday night, Robs time for the 10k was 2 secs under 38 mins. Afterwards Rob Joked (after Ian was in front at the end) that "there's no respect for his elders".
Asked before the race how Ian was going to run the race Ian said (As usual) " I am going to Plod round" (this usually means a PB is going to be set)

Paddy Fitzpatrick was next back in 29th place in a time of 40 mins exactly.Damien with a new strategy to the race paying off, Had a new course best by 4 minute. Shaun making sure the other members of the club had safely crossed the finish line by comming last of the five set a time of 45.51 just 21 secs behind Damien. Next Year if the weather is the same instead of running Shoes, flippers wouldnt be out of place!


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