Tour of Derwent Valley

The first 3 races of 4 have been run, with just the hilliest race to come at Rowsley on Monday 25th May. 7 Long Eatoners will complete the series with Guest Appearances From Simon Hardy, Damien Cowlishaw, Ian Adkin, Dave Reily, Phil Thompson and Vreni Verhoven. The Seven who will do all 4 are Pete Fowles, Captains Shaun Burton and Caroline Waterhouse, Colin Bostock, Duncan Gedge, John Birch and Dicky "katie" Wilkinson. The standings at the moment is that Dicky leads John by a minute or so, with both being in the top 10 overall, Duncan Gedge running out of his skin at the moment is next 4 minutes better this year than last years time. Shaun ,Caroline and Colin are trading places with each beating the other 2 in the races so far with Shaun best at Duffield, Caroline best at Wirksworth and Colin Best at Milford. It seems the curse of the driver is at work because when Shaun Drove he was last out of the 3, Colin Drove and he was last of the 3 and when Caroline drove She was last of the 3.
Caroline and Shaun have persuaded Colin to Drive to the last race! At the Moment Shaun leads the 3 by just 20 secs from Colin, and Caroline is only 41 secs further back. Peter Fowles following his marathon exploits at White Peak 7 days ago is also having a good series here.


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