Coniston and Wray fell races report

A big race field attracted by a bank holiday weekend were treated to perfect conditions with blue skies and clear views and dry underfoot. A steep climb then rising traverse to the first summit of Wetherlam soon had runners snaking over the fell side. A runnable and rocky technical section led to a short climb to Swirl How then a fast section toward the final climb of Coniston Old Man and views into Dunnerdale. Once at the summit it's anybody's guess where the line is to descend as runners pour down the hillside from all directions. A rocky path then track bring you quickly to the finish. Ian Holmes won his 8th Coniston title in 69m 41s. Dicky Wilkinson and Pete Sturgess overcoming illness and injury completed in 93m 05s and 70th and 124m 33s and 239th respectively in a field of 324.

Two days later Wray Caton Moor provided very different conditions
for fell racing with a strong wind on a cold, damp morning. The race leaves the village bursting with visitors to the fête and scarcrow festival, up a
steep lane before rising through fields and tracks to climb the moor. A sodden
boggy route threads it's way through strength sapping tussocks to a lonely trig point that was shrouded in mist. The descent is a sheer joy as you increasingly gather speed picking runners off. 121 runners enjoyed this great little race with Ambleside's Nick Sharp leading with 45m 41s; Dicky Wilkinson arrived at the summit in 25th to improve to 14th in 52m 04s with Pete Sturgess again running strongly to finish in 72m 22s and 101st.


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