Coledale Horseshoe Fell Race

Cry me a river. Well, I could have done. Leaving Braithwaite camping site at noon the race climbs a lane for a few minutes before the long climb of Grisedale Pike. I knew this was a day for a PW as the sweat poured off me and I was walking within seconds of the ascent. And for 45 minutes a niagra of sweat blinded me and my legs appeared to wade through porridge as my lungs attempted to suck in air through a duvet. Runners swept passed me to the summit as I staggered dizzy and breathless. A respite jog across Coledale Hause and I even passed a few fellow sufferers before spying the ridiculously steep climb to Crag Hill. Up this beast the wheels finally came off attached to the chassis. Descending the polished rocks like a giraffe breaking in stilletos I managed a few views of the surrounding hills bathed in sunshine for a second weekend. The rest of the race has some nice rough tracks, traverses and minor climbs around Sail, Outermost and up to Barrow and a wonderful sprint through last years bracken before trotting down the lane to the finish. Rob Jebb won in 72.07. This is a great race. Hard, technical in places, good mix of running underfoot, well organised by Mike Robinson (cakes and cobs at the end too) strong competition and stunning views. Just don't do it if you've got the lurgy!

Report By Rich Wilkinson


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