Long Eaton Pace the Derby 10k

3 Long Eaton runners "paced" the Derby 10k, Rob Fox,Ian Chant and Shaun Burton volunteered to help other runners get around in either 40, 50 or 60 minutes, Ian and Rob were the 40 minuters and Shaun one of the 3, 60 minuters. Both Ian and Rob ran approx 39:30 crack on track, but Shaun was slightly too quick and ran 58 minutes from when the gun went off. Comparing notes afterwards all 3 said that they had to ease back on the pace as the their normal 10k times were a lot faster than they ran in the race, with Rob and Ian usually running about 36 mins for 10k and Shaun around 45. Lots of other runners thanked the pacers as it had given them a target to aim for especially at the finish. The guys were nearly late for the race as both Ian and Rob were being picked up by Shaun and after traving 3 miles down the road both Ian and Rob announced that they had forgot the running numbers and their timing chips, fortuantly Captain Shaun had bulit in a bit of time and turned the car around to pick up their numbers. Both Ian and Rob are now on report for sloppy running number oganisation.


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