Paws 10k

The 1st Running of the Paws 10k was held on Saturday 18th April 2009 the main focus of he event was to Raise Money for Charity which stops Cruelty to animals. The Race staged at Cotgrave was over 10k and an almost flat multi terrian course except for the Suprise nasty hill just after 5K Starting at 9:45AM it was quite cool at the start but when the sun shone 10 minutes after the start it got quite warm. 77 runners took part with 2 of them from Long Eaton, Shaun Burton and Pete Sturgess, Pete just comming back from injury was doing his first run after no activity for 3 weeks was 70th in a time of 60:28 and Shaun (Nursing a bit of a hangover) set a time of 46:27 and a finishing position of 17th. A good race to do for next year.


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