East Midlands Cross Country Race 3 Bramcote

There were 2 laps for the Men and 1 Lap for the Women to complete in the 3rd race of 5 in the East Midlands Cross Country league. The race attracted 14 Long Eaton Runners not bad as it clashed with the Charnwood Hills race taking place a few miles down the M1 in Leicestershire. The weather was cold with the wind chill it felt like -4 and the snow came down 1/2 through making it feel even colder. At the moment Long Eaton lie 1st in senior vets and Ladies categories and from the results it will quite close to keeping the lead. The course was a hilly one with a big hill just 1/4 mile from the finish sorting the men from the boys, and the women from the girls. Long Eaton senoir tem scored 48 points with Paul Lewis finishing 2nd, Andy Colegate 11th, Rob Fox 14th and the unlucky Rich Wilkinson who picked up yet another injury 21st hopefully he can rest as the next race isnt until 2 weeks time. The ladies team of Cath Rowe (25th), Debbie Coleman(34th) and Karen Preston(45th)all ran well over the mainly grass route. Damien Cowlishaw had a fantastic run knocking 3 minutes of his best time for the race, curously helped by his illness over the last week which lead to him loosing 5 pounds in weight.

Other Results:
Martin Way 39th 42:46
Chris Robson 56th 45:33
Damien Cowlishaw 57th 46:09
John Hay 67th 47:21
Shaun Burton 68th 47:47
Bill Sheppard 76th 50:19
Peter Fowles 81st 51:34


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