Whatstandwell 5 Mile

The 1st day of the year and once again the Hangovers were cured by Dave Dentons five mile, hilly road course, hardly any flat but with the first 3 mile up and up and up, the 4th down and then some more up and the last steeply down. Long Eaton were represented by 10 runners and also John and Carole Birch offered their support from the side lines as John had a cold and missed the race for the first time in about 8 years. The weather was cold with 2 places having frozen water causing slipery underfoot conditions. Course bests were set by Phil Abbott (34:19 and 14th) a Flying Bill Sheppard (40:16 and 41st) who would not let Captain Shaun Burton pass him. Shaun Ran the last downhill mile in 5:55 to set 40:21 and 43rd place (Shaun is now on a year long Chocolate free zone). Colin Bostock in his 1st race of 2009 after 94 races in 2008, ran off his liquid carbs of the night before with 45th position in 40:48. Pete Fowles suffering with gout was next back 59th and 42:52 and a course best to boot (to much port over Christmas perhaps?)Damien Cowlishaw suffering with a cold set all the 4's 44:04, with Ron Badder and Peter Thorburn running together all the way round were 74th and 75th respectivily. Its about time that Peter Thorburn got rid of that faded Long Eaton running top from 1986 as it now has turned Grey. The Ladies were represented by Cath Rowe and Zoe Fletcher , Cath who had been running with Bill Sheppard until 3.5 miles when he ungentlemanly decided ran off and leave as her had heared Shaun's Pounding feet, set 41:53 and a new course best, and Zoe who has done the last few races ran 43:36 and finished in 61st place.

Well done Long Eaton.

Report by Shaun Burton.


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