Shepshed 7

The 7th race of the Long Eaton Winter League was the 8th Shepshed 7 multi-terrain Race, which took place on Sunday 2nd November 2008. 8 LERCers tackled the 2 lap undulating Course.

Gary Watson was back 1st for Long Eaton in around 44 minutes. The cool weather suited Gary, who had to be back quick for a local football match involving Derby and Nottingham Forest. In the next 8 minutes the next 6 LERC runners came in. Paul Burchell set 52.00 and Caroline Waterhouse, beating many of the men in the race set 53:04 and won a spot prize of a Box of Chocolates.

Shaun Burton and the ever improving Damien Cowlishaw fought for the honour of fourth back for the club with Shaun just pipping Damien by a few seconds. Shaun put it down to an unusually good performance running up the hills! Ian Wallis on his come back from injury set 58mins with which he was pleased, as he had thought he might set 65:00 at the start.

Rich Mckie was also pleased with his 59:51 "not bad" he said, "As I've not been doing too much training". 1:10:50 was the time set by Karen Preston who managed a fantastic sprint finish to keep at bay the man behind her, with encouragement from Damien and Shaun fuelling her effort. The man who she beat is also a coach and advised Karen to swing her arms more when she runs. Watch out for Karen from now on then and a string of personal best times.

In the 1 mile fun run Karenís son Luke set a new PB of 7:25 which is very good as the ground was quite boggy and his previous best was 7:27 on better ground. Well done Luke.


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