David Denton's Midweek Training Runs

On 15th October 2008 4 of the Long Eaton men entered David Denton's 1 mile training run. Neil Renault won the race in 4:27, equalling the course record. Shaun Burton set a time of 6:42, finishing in 28th position. Damien Cowlishaw finished in 6:52, in 31st position and Colin Bostock finished in a time of 7:02, in 32nd position. 39 runners completed the course.

11 club members took part in the 5k training run. Neil Renault paced a fellow competitor to a sub 15-minute time. He finished the race in 2nd place, with a time of 15:24. Andy McNeill finished in 10th place in 16:15. Mark Boot set a new personal best time of 17:31. Cameron McNeill set a time of 17:43. John Birch finished in 18:14. Ian Williams set a new personal best time of 21:31. Colin Bostock finished in 21:59, Shaun Burton finished in 22:10 and Damien Cowlishaw finished in 23:10.

As for the ladies, Jackie Mather continuing her recent success set a new personal best time of 22:04 and Carol Birch paced a fellow competitor, finishing in 27:48.


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