Stunning debut for Phil Thompson

On Sunday Stamford Striders held their annual Stamford 30k race and the conditions could not have been more perfect. For the first time in weeks, gale force winds were absent and the sun was shining. 17 runners represented the club and Andrei Vaisí legacy of missing race starts was continued on Sunday, this time by Caroline Waterhouse and Mark Goodson. Having said that, Caroline completed the course in a new personal best time of 2:49:12, beating her previous PB by 9 minutes. Mark had a great debut, finishing in 2:48:22.

By far, the outstanding performance of the day has to go to Phil Thompson. Prior to Sunday the furthest distance Phil had run was 13.1 miles. Having decided to increase his mileage, he chose Stamford 30k as the place to do it, perhaps not realising that this was anything but a flat course and that makes his achievement all the more impressive. He admitted that with 4k to go he had nothing left in his legs, unsurprising given the undulating rural course but he was very pleased with himself and so he should be. He completed the course in a stunning debut time of 2:30:23.

Paul Lewis was first home for the club in a stunning time of 1:51:03, beating his previous best time by 8 minutes. Andy Colegate finished in 1:58:20. Ian Chant, on his debut finished in 2:05:53, closely followed by Sharon Orridge in a debut time of 2:09:22. Martin Way completed the course in a stunning debut time of 2:16:47, followed by Phil Abbott in 2:20:00, who beat his previous best time by 6 minutes.

Ashok Patel finished in 2:20:39. Vicky Yeomans finished in 2:28:32, knocking 12 minutes off her previous best time. Colin Bostock finished in 2:34:47, followed by Catherine Rowe who finished in a debut time of 2:37:23 and Bill Sheppard who finished in a debut time of 2:38:22. Richard Hill who was accompanying a fellow runner around the course, finished in 2:38:37. Richard McKie achieved another PB, finishing the course in 3:00:07. Peter Thorburn completed the course in 3:08:36, followed by Carol Birch who on her debut finished the course in 3:09:06.

The support out on the course from the marshals was brilliant. Thanks also to John Birch and Zoe Fletcher for their support. The event was brilliantly organised as always and Colin and Vicky even had support from a large herd of deer as they ran through Rutland! Well done to all the runners!


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