Heanor 10k race

On Sunday 19th November 2007 16 Long Eaton Runners made the journey to Shipley Country Park in terrible weather. It was bitterly cold, windy and raining! As the runners huddled up together on the start, they dreamt of the rich reward, which was waiting for those who crossed the finish line, the Christmas pudding! However, some muttered that perhaps it would have been more sensible to have simply bought a Christmas pudding from Tescos!

The new course was billed as being 'fast and less hilly'. How incorrect that description turned out to be! The course was tough in the conditions. Despite the appalling weather LERC support was provided by Paul Lewis at the start and at about the halfway point. His support and words of encouragement were gratefully received by all of the Lercers so special thanks to him. Despite the torrential rain 551 runners completed the course.

Andy McNeil was first home for the club in 34:52 and 8th position. Alan Seamer was next in a time of 36:53 and 12th position. Sean Matthews finished in 37:39 and 17th position. Luke Seamer wasn't far behind, finishing in 38:17. Jon Hughes finished in 40:31, with Jaik Pickford completing the course in 41:09. It was Jaik's debut for the club! Colin Bostock finished in 45:55, immediately followed by Duncan Gedge in 45:58.

Vicky Yeomans was next home for the club in 46:28. Helen Gorman finished in 49:35. Bill Shephard finished in 49:58, closely followed by Catherine Rowe in 50:00. Gordon Rowell finished in 50:26, with Richard McKie finishing in 51:30. Kate Hamilton completed the course in 53:56 with Peter Thorburn completing the course in 59:10.


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