Happy Hard Half

The story of this Sunday (30th Sept) was the Kibworth Half Marathon even though there was a bigger race in Newcastle called the Great North run where Suzanne Newman set a new PB of 2:14:38. The Kibworth in Leicestershire was quite difficult to get to, with road works closing roads and not many signs to point the way, but when Long Eaton runners arrived, entered and completed the course there were BIG smiles all round. Donald Duck and one of the Tweenies were also there to add to the atmosphere.

The main reason for the big grins was the times that all the LERCers had set with 1:38 being the most popular time to finish with no less than 5 of the 8 West Park based runners setting that mark, Colin Bostock was 1:38:19, Phil Abbott 15 secs later, John Hay 1:38:41, Shaun Burton 1:38:52 the exact same time as Vicky Yeomans. Both John and Vicky set new Pb's of over 3 mins each, thanks must go to Phil Abbott for pacing John and Vicky. Vicky also needed some new shoes at the end of the race after decorating them with a mile to go, but she did not let that stop her! A new PB was also set by Duncan Gedge who finished 83rd in a new best time of 1:43:28 . Damien Cowlishaw set 1:54.

The best placed Long Eatonite was Alan Seamer who finished 6th and 2nd vet who completed the surprisingly hilly course(Phil Abbott had said it was flat) and despite his problem knees set 1:19:58. Not bad as his last half marathon was in 1985, 22 years ago!

Richard McKie getting back into his running completed the Kibworth 1/3 marathon in a respectable time of 1:11:02 and finishing 39th overall.


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