Bamford Sheepdog Trials Fell Race

It might only have been 4.5 miles but it was a real test of strength - strength of calves, strength of the CV system and strength of character to even get out of the nice warm car into a blustery, showery afternoon. From the moment the gun went it was an uphill slog before turning sharp left up Parkin Clough to sort the men out from the boys. Someone said it was a very attractive clough - I don't know about that as it was head down, hands on knees staring at your feet. At Winhill Plantation a short runnable section was followed by yet more climb, this time to the trig point at the top and time to head for home. Throw yourself off to the right and a fast grassy track leads onto a narrow sheep track between heather. A final bit of nadgery sees you back on the first track with a short run in to the finish and the burger van.


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