Gloucester & Thanet 20s

A new course record was set by Long Eaton Running Club runner Neil Renault at the Gloucester 20. Neil obviously was 1st out of the 512 finishers was 3 minutes clear of the 2nd place finisher. His average time per mile was an impressive 5:29 over the 20 mile course.

The Thanet 20 saw another winner over 20 miles was Sarah Tucker who clocked 2hours 11 minutes and 3 seconds which was over 3 minutes ahead of the next lady she was also 24th overall. In the same race Long Eaton just missed out on first place with Rod Harris 2nd in 1:53:26 and Andy McNeil 3rd only 12 secs behind Rod, but being slightly older Andy managed to get the 1st vets prize.


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